Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's Restaurant Week in Cincinnati!

Here we are, a mere 6 months-post the last Restaurant Week and another is upon us. During September's Restaurant Week, I ate a phenomenal meal at Pigall's for pennies (well, for $25.07 or somewhere around there). Pigall's has recently been named one of the top 11 restaurants in the country by Zagat's, so let's just say that meal was a STEAL.

This time, Pigall's is not participating, sadly. They probably realized they lost a lot of money during the week (they did not skimp on ingredients, presentation or service). Or perhaps they are tired, or over-booked, or realizing they are fabulous and don't need Restaurant Week, who knows. A close second to Pigall's is Daveeds in Mt. Adams, who is happily participating. That's where I would choose to spend my $25.

What's the deal? Reserve between March 3 and March 9, and you get a three course meal for a set price of $25.08. The proceeds go to the Independent Restaurant Association.

You can see the whole list of participating restaurants here.

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