Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Restaurant Review: Tinks in Cincinnati

I live in a fairly eclectic corner of a rather conservative town. The area of town is called "Clifton" and it's full of professors, students, artists and the like. I've lived here for what seems a lifetime, and I've seen restaurants come and go.

One of the best restaurant additions to our corner of town is definitely Tink's. Tink's is a semi-high end American restaurant that serves just plain delicious food. I have rarely had a bad experience there, and when I was last there with a group of eight girlfriends, we were treated to such flawless service and delicious food that I realize I have to recommend it to others.

The menu crosses from meat to seafood to vegetarian, there is truly something for everyone. The best appetizer they have, in my opinion, is the smoked salmon tartar...served with wasabi on thin, crisp potato pancakes. It's to die for. My favorite entree here is the shrimp and grits. Sounds simple and possibly sloppy, but it's got boursin, cheddar grits and a tasso demi glace, it's phenomenal. Don't count the calories, it's too good to ruin with a calorie count!

The atmosphere is beautiful, with one whole wall a huge paned glass window. The wait staff is consistently delightful, they are the kind that remember you from your last visit, even if it was months ago. And the food is timed perfectly. It's just a great restaurant. I can't wait to go again!! Thanks Tink's, for coming to Clifton!

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